More about her and me

I love traveling with my Sweetie! And my Sweetie loves traveling with her new travel trailer, Rita, and her bears! Oh, and with me, too. Now that I'm getting older, I enjoy the less strenuous trips but we both still love camping here in the Texas parks and, yes, even National Parks. We have even moved away from the 4-man tent to a larger conveyance we call "Rita", the Winnebago Minnie Lime Green Travel Trailer.
Here is what we we previously used for camping!
I was born in Texas and moved throughout the state during my formative years. After I graduated high school, I tried out a technical school in Dallas and then worked in the oil field before finally deciding to join the US Navy.

My Sweetie was born in Wisconsin and also moved several times (to California and New York) before she, too, decided to join the US Navy while in southern California. Anyway, we met when we were assigned to the same duty station.

A few years ago. I retired from the Navy and my dearest went back to school to obtain her graduate degree in Geoscience from UT Austin. As such, we tend to enjoy visiting parks where one can actually see the geology (otherwise known as looking at rocks). In fact, much of our travel plans are developed based on where the vegetation doesn't cover up the rock material!

Although we try to spend most of our camping time in Texas' wonderful state parks, we have joined an organization with campgrounds throughout the U.S. and Canada. We'll use these campgrounds only in a pinch since these are set up more as a destination spot in themselves with pools, playgrounds, and other things of interest to family vacationers. We prefer being in the much quieter areas like state parks.

Although we are home-based in the Permian Basin of west Texas, we tend to make a lot of trips around the country. That's because just about everything is at least 3 hours from here! :)

L to R: SuperGeo, Biker Bear Chick, Bobby O'Bear
Lately, we have been traveling with one of these three - SuperGeo, Biker Bear Chick (BBC) or Bobby O'Bear. All make excellent traveling companions and tend to want to be included in all of our activities. Bobby joined us on our one of our trips that took us through Dublin, TX! BBC seems to want to drive the truck by herself. And SuperGeo tends to take sample rocks from the parks we visit (and we all know that you only take pictures and leave only paw prints)!

UPDATE: We how have a fourth furry friend who may be with us.

Recently, we had the pleasure of being accompanied by our newest companion, TXGeolady! This bear joined us on our recent trip to Palo Duro Canyon SP.

Who knows? Maybe one day when you are visiting a state park, a national park, or just a touristy type location, you might just see SuperGeo, TXGeolady, Bobby or BBC. When you do, don't forget to say hello to My Sweetie and me! 

So, why do we travel? Personally, I believe we enjoy spending a lot of time with our best friend. In our case, that would be each other. But I also think we like running into some really strange people, places, and rocks that keeps us smiling and young at heart.
Some restaurant in Wyoming. They serve hamburgers,
deer and, obviously, T. Rex steaks.

Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures traveling throughout the country.
So, who are these bears that accompany us in our travels?

First one who entered our lives was Biker Bear Chick.This tough lady came to us from our daughter and is decked out in riding leathers and sunglasses. Although she tries to be really tough, My Sweetie thinks she is so soft and cuddly!
Biker Bear Chick ready for bedtime!

Next came our Irish cousin, Bobby O'Bear. Named after me and my ancestors, he is full blood Irish (my ancestors did come from Donegal, Ireland, in 1796) and loves the traveling we do.
Bobby O'Bear working the Grill!

Most recently, we were joined by SuperGeo! She is a mild-mannered geophysicist during the week but turns into a rough and rowdy geologist on the weekends! She loves computers, rocks, and hard ciders!
SuperGeo relaxing with a cold apple cider after a long day of hiking in the rocks.